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Our Lady of Sacred Heart International School

 New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, Years Preparatory - 12

"Continuing the Mission of the MSC Sisters"

Inclusive Education policy


The Mission Statement of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart International School states that:

All Children regardless of religious belief and race are accepted

All persons are equal in the eyes of God

OLSH International School is committed to catering for the individual needs of each child.

In the spirit of the school’s Vision and Mission and that of the of the Department of Education’s Policy and Guidelines for Special Education, the Board of Management offers this Inclusive Education Policy to ensure that students with special needs are respected and catered for within OLSH International School. As the Constitution of Papua New Guinea upholds the right of every child to basic education, the Board of Management of OLSH International School recognizes its role in ensuring the development of learning competencies, and the nurturing of values, which will help learners with special needs to become useful and effective members of society (Dept. of Education).

Policy Statements:

  1. OLSH International School is open to all children, regardless of race, creed, social status or disability.
  2. All students with special needs will be screened and assessed at the earliest opportunity after enrollment.
  3. The physical design of the school and any modifications needed will be taken into account when enrolling a student with special needs.
  4. All new teaching staff within the school will be in-serviced in the concepts of Inclusive Education.
  5. At all times one teaching member of staff will hold Special Education qualifications, namely a Bachelor of Special Education or a Bachelor of Education (majoring in Special Education) and be known as the Special Education Resource Teacher.
  6. The role of the Special Education Resource Teacher will be to support classroom teaching staff in the implementing of an inclusive curriculum, to help teaching staff produce IEP's (Individual Education Plans) where needed, and to regularly in-service staff in Special Education and Inclusive Education issues.
  7. The Special Education Resource Teacher will be recompensed at a level that recognizes his/her qualifications and status within the school.
  8. The Special Education Resource Teacher will regularly liaise with Special Education Resource Centers to keep up to date with Special and Inclusive Education issues.

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