OLSH International School

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart International School, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, Years Prepartory - 12

Vision and Mission Statement


We believe that at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart International School:

1. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is the mother of God and the mother of the church.

2. All persons are created equal in the eyes of God. Therefore all children regardless of religion, belief and race are accepted.

3. Catholic values are taught in all the day to day activities.

4. We will work in partnership with the parish, wider church community, parents and local communities in our mission to promote high-quality learning.

5. Learning and Teaching will promote the historical, cultural, social, political and economic heritage, as well as the present day reality of New Ireland and Papua New Guinea.


Our Lady of the Sacred Heart International School is committed to:

1. The holistic nurture and growth of all students on the framework of the Catholic faith.

2. Providing a safe and caring environment for all students.

3. Ensuring equity and excellence by responding proactively to the individual needs of each student.

4. Promoting knowledge and understanding of the traditions of the Catholic Church.

5. Educating students to take their place in a rapidly changing global world.

6. Being a place of welcome to parents, friends and all visitors to the school.

7. Involving parents and friends in the various activities of daily school life.

8. Maintaining strong links with alumni to strengthen past, present and future linkage to support the OLSH learning community.